Guild Update

Dretia a posted Aug 14, 17

Happy (almost) Autumn, Shatterfang!

We've had a fruitful summer with several plotlines having finished up a few event series and we couldn't have had as much fun as we did without you all joining us on our adventures and being your fantastic selves. So from all of us, thank you for being you! 

With successful events drawing in attention, we've also recruited a handful of new-bloods to our ranks. We know you guys will treat them with respect like you always do. With our growing numbers, the officers yesterday had a meeting to talk about reaching our limit of 50 members. As we get increasingly close to that number, we're going to be reinforcing the rules that have already been in place. Those being: 

- Be active! This doesn't just mean logging in and interacting with the guild OOCly. We have frequent events both run by officers and members alike so opportunities are always around. Everyone in the guild is required to attend at least one event a month. We get that sometimes life happens and you can't make that due to extenuating circumstances. No worries! We have an absence thread available to explain briefly when/why you won't be around. Unfortunately, we're not clairvoyant so if you disappear without letting one of us officers know via the thread or DMing us in Discord or Enjin, chances are after a month's time, we'll have to kick you (but you're more than welcome to apply again once things get settled or if you are interested again!)

- ALTS. I know that many of us are alt-aholics. I know I am. However, we do have a one alt rule (ICly who have joined Shatterfang. You can have as many alts as you want OOCly). You're more than welcome to have as many retainers as you like. We are also requesting that those who do have two characters, label on your combat sheet or merc profile who is your main and who is your alt. (Example: Dretia Bear-Blood [Main]) The reason for reinforcing the alt rule is that Shatterfang started as an intimate RP environment among friends to foster character growth and connections and we want to try and make these connections between our main characters as strong as possible.

That's all for that! 

We also talked about ways to make events more bearable for those that have special skills but a tendency to piss of RNGesus and get low rolls. For specialists, we're going to try and incorporate roll priorities. What this means is, for example, if at an event there's a need for someone to pick a door and the threshold is 10 to beat it, the DM will give people who have experience with this ICly, first dibs basically. So let's say, Leoveria, Marik, Amaline and Una are in a group rolling to open said door and Una rolls a 13, Una will be the one to open the door, regardless of any other rolls because she's the only one with the skill savvy to do that. If she doesn't beat the threshold then the chance will be offered to other characters. We're basically trying to give people with certain proficiencies more weight during events. For other unlucky, consistent rolls, if it's something that bothers you and you want to have your character have an impact on the event at hand, please message the DM and let them know about it. More often than not, they want you to have fun and make their event an enjoyable experience. Also remember, you don't always have to have your character attack directly. Utilize your environment and come up with creative ways to help your allies or hurt your enemies.

As always, if anyone has any questions, feel free to comment directly here or message one of us for clarification. 


Plots & Reoccurring Events

Feather for a Kit [Link]

It had started with a simple dream - to leave home and see the world. Becoming a squire, running to the south, none of it had been in the plans. Far in the southern corners of Tamriel, an echo of a name has caused interested parties to mobilize. The actions of a shamed knight could bring trouble to Shatterfang's front door. Lilian's past has caught up to her. Will Shatterfang stand by her in her grief, or will they turn their backs as her history comes to light?

The Volghir [Link]

The Volghir is a series that will bring "The Wild Four" and Shatterfang across five different lands; Valenwood, High Rock, Skyrim, Shadowfen, and Morrowind. Face draugr, fanatical mages, ghosts of a forgotten tomb and more. Settle an ancient Nord family dispute, pass the trials of the Hist, follow a map to lost treasure, and get lost in the immense forests of Valenwood!

The Saga of Blood & Ash [Link]

The Saga of Blood & Ash will involve several clans from the island of Solstheim. High seas pirates, coastal raiders, mysterious Hircine-worshipping sorcerors, and stopping the takeover of the island by a malicious Daedric Lord are all on the docket for Shatterfang.

The March [Link]

A specialized training regime, the March is meant to give a difficult challenge for those who are accustomed to using magick, weapons and armor. They are stripped of everything and must plow through the unique challenges of the environment they're in!

Belkarth War Games [Link] 

The Belkarth War Games are a mock battle where Fang versus Fang, the apex of team-based training involving unique movement rules and prizes for victory.

The Brew & Brawl [Link]

A new monthly event from Sound involving drinking yourself silly and fighting in small teams for gold and material prizes -- like the brand-new Morrowind motifs.

Shatterfang Pecking Order [Link]

Tibby's Pecking Order is a glorious new quasi-competition for all of us who enjoy sparring! Duel everyone in Shatterfang for IC prizes and bragging rights!

Thank you again, guys, for continuing to make Shatterfang a safe, fun, happy place for everyone! Keep it up!

- Dretia