January 2019 Guild Update

Leo Warmaster posted Jan 6, 19

New Year, New Story

With 3 years under Shatterfang's belt, the middle of 2018 was a stumble for a lot of reasons. Narratively, I feel it was because the story wasn't there with me. Summerset was an amazing expansion, one of my favorites and it shined a light on an area I've wanted to see for ages... but, honestly? I can't write High Elves. Thankfully the next expansion is Elsweyr, and I have got a lot of interest in that area and thus the next Shatterfang plot is going to be heavily focused in that hemisphere of Tamriel. Valenwood, Black Marsh, Elsweyr and the southeastern coast of Tamriel will be a large focus of this story for the foreseeable future. Check out the inklings of it if you'd like! [The Queen's Mission...]

I'm going to be using some guild member's alts as 'redshirts' and mini-bosses, so if you want to do that as well, feel free to message me (Leo) in or out of game.

In addition to this plot, there will always be quests, contracts, and other fun events elsewhere in Tamriel for the sake of variety. Coin never sleeps, so neither shall Shatterfang. As always, if you have any plotlines you'd like to run (or have us help run for you) feel free to take them to any of the officers. Myself, Marik and Axrat always love working with whatever you have and turning them into something fantastic.


With us ramping up the story and events post-holidays, the inactivity system is once more being implemented. If not given notice, anyone not attending an event or otherwise contributing to the guild within a span of 30 days will be kicked from the website and the game. You're always welcome back, but communication is king.

Website Donations

With the new year, we're reopening donations to the website. Last drive we did, we had a lot of people get their 2018 badges and our site was paid off for the entire year. It was amazing, and I don't hold anyone to that expectation but for the entire month of January and the first week of February we will offer our sweet, custom-designed little 2019 forum badge for anyone who donates any amount of days to the website.

It helps a lot to keep track of a lot of different things, and I've got some amazing ideas for 2019 so any help is appreciated but never required. I'll love you for it, though. We all will.

Hope y'all had a happy holiday, and as for 2019? I hope you aren't afraid of the undead. Because it's gonna get spooky.