Guild Update

Leo Warmaster posted Mar 5, 18

Current & Future Plots

Currently we’ve got several exciting roleplay plots, most of them from different storytellers! The current Guild Plot is The Furies of Solstheim, which is currently on an interlude while other plotlines are dealt with. During this interlude, stragglers from the Kilder raiders will be showing up now and again but there will be no large-scale operations until mid-April. When we get back to their story, there will be quite a lot of scouting and one-sided fights where the Fangs are going to have to use their noggins. This doesn’t mean they’re completely gone, either, so expect them to show up if your character has killed one of their named lieutenants in the field!

Pirate’s Revenge is finally coming to a close, with Cannonreeve Felwyn’s plans slowly unraveling. With her Spymaster captured and turned against her, it’s only a matter of time before Viear’s quest for revenge comes to fruition. After that, Deals with Devils will take over as the next plot from Viear’s player and it will involve a non-violent smuggling ring. Stay tuned for that one. Another miniseries that will come to life is one from Marik’s player, involving a greedy, malicious merchant using the Fangs as his own personal muscle. Wildemark will also have several smaller events in the future, with focus given to those who participated in the Wildemark Tourney as they reinforce their borders after Reachman attacks have left them paranoid.

Finally, the story involving what brought Veronique into the Fangs will begin shortly in the first half of a two-part story. The first half will involve three events, introducing Demeta to the Fangs at large as well as her abilities, motivations, and the strength of her organization: Ouroboros.


Inactivity System

As it is now, Shatterfang’s inactivity system is a 30-day no contact boot. We’re changing how that works and how it will operate in the future is that for every 30 days of inactivity you’ll rank down. At Fang level, the next 30 day demotion tier will result in being removed from the guild. We felt it was more fair than it was before for people who are busy and have jam-packed schedules. If you are at Doyen rank or above, you’ll be retained as a Warden despite however long you’re gone due to what you’ve provided for the guild in terms of roleplay and friendship.

As always, if you have an IRL reason for absence we have our Absences Thread for you to use. The game isn’t a job, but we’ll be sad if you disappear without a word and can’t support you if you’re having a rough time. Activity is defined as any roleplay initiative: casual RP, events, public Discord RP. As long as you do one of those a month you’ll never have to worry about being demoted or kicked.

New Combat System

After a lot of discussion and observation from new players, the dungeon masters, officers and veteran players alike we’ve completely changed the combat system. Instead of having to pick from 4-5 different esoteric skills and buffs they’re being reduced into three categories which are easily defined and accessible for DMs and players to understand. We hope that this will reduce confusion with players who have never played in a tabletop, AKA “pen and paper” game system and facilitate more RP interaction during combat events. As it was before, we observed that people seldom interacted with others and instead just simply waited for their turn to go, leading to a lack of IC camaraderie and stale creativity. On top of the reduced and reworked attribute system that’s replacing Passives and Skills, we’ve also tweaked Abilities to carry more of a punch in hopes that people use them more frequently and we are introducing ‘Teamwork rolls.’ Bonus actions you’re able to make on your turn in an effort to help others out with their rolls to no personal detriment.

Pets are also being regulated to less of an emphasis on them being additional characters. Instead, they’re going to act as once-per-encounter bonus actions that will give a Teamwork roll. I understand that this might be disappointing to some folks who really love their pets IC but narratively, nothing is changing. You’re able to spin your emote as creatively as you want, with your standard attacks and defense fails or successes involving your pet at your own discretion.

The hope is that it will encourage more roleplay across the board, as every action will require an emote and some may require OOC discussion between players, which is exactly what we want to foster without sacrificing the customization the prior system enabled for every character. Keep your eyes peeled on the forums for the newest edition of the Combat Sheet thread, where there’ll be a FAQ involved for those unfamiliar with game systems as well as a full breakdown with examples and clearly worded rules.