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Shatterfang  -  NA Mature heavy roleplaying guild, mercenary themed.

Leoveria wrote:
“The Axe-Wrecker is dead. For the first time in a long time, we're free to take advantage of the opportunities presented to us in this era of chaos. Tamriel is in a flux state, with hundreds of people wanting each other dead for one reason or another and hundreds more unable to defend themselves from threats real and imagined. Evil flows from our dreams and into our waking world, and with the skills that we have? We can ask for a premium from every single person to bloody our blades for them.”


Shatterfang is a mercenary guild housed in the heart of the Ebonheart Pact on the North American megaserver. Unlike the Fighter's Guild or other mercenaries who remain neutral in their business dealings with others during the Three Banners War, the Fangs take on all contracts so long as they don't work against the Ebonheart Pact. The range of contracts that the Fangs take are varied: military contracting, bounty hunting, daedric investigation, reconnaissance, guard postings, brokering and anything else an employer with some coin could ask of them.

Not above taking jobs from the other banners so long as the coin is good and it doesn't spill into Pact territory, the Fangs are a diverse, all-inclusive group of veterans and skilled newcomers alike whose focus remains on the job -- and the coin.

ROLEPLAY [heavy]
STYLE [mature, 18+]



Mercenaries, bounty and monster hunters, mages, rogues, scholars, warriors, daedric or magical experts, and anyone willing to fill the ranks and contribute in one way or another. All races and loyalties are welcome, so long as they don't threaten the security of Shatterfang. We house a large variety of roles within the concept of 'blades-for-hire' and in the year since the guild's birth we've grown exponentially and are able to boast our flexibility regarding accommodating unique and interesting character concepts. Everyone can participate with the Fangs, and if you want to join we'll figure out how to make it work even if your character has never lifted a blade in their life!


Since the inception of the guild, the focus has been on the quality of our roleplay and the presentation of the Shatterfangs overall. As a guild, we've taken great efforts to ensure our website, characters and the stories hosted within it are all well-established.

Advancement in the ranks of Shatterfang is concurrent with your activity level. The more active you are on the forums as well as in the game the more frequently you'll advance in and out of character, particularly so if you create role-play for others to participate in. Stories and plots are able to be run by any single member, no matter how fresh, and we work with our guild to bring even the smallest stories to life.

Our website is very active, with writing exercises and prompts for all members to participate in as well as a plethora of lore and backstory to peruse. We also utilize a well-tested combat roll system for our events, which is easy for newcomers to grasp and customize for each individual character. While voice chat is never required in Shatterfang, joining the Discord server is highly recommended as it is where we announce impromptu roleplay, upcoming events and hang out on a daily basis.

We participate casually in Cyrodiil, pledges, crafting and expansion content but we consistently run trials every Sunday, as well as host other guild activities such as impromptu guild movie nights and gaming sessions in non-MMORPG, multiplayer titles when the inspiration strikes. We want to encourage you to reach out and interact with your guild mates in as many avenues as possible, while our focus is on creating a positive environment and quality storytelling.

To apply, simply fill out this form linked ~ HERE. We'll set up an In Character interview with you as soon as possible! You can contact any of the @accounts listed below in game for any comments, questions, or concerns.

GUILD MASTER @leoveria
OFFICERS @omnipotent48, @thesoundofwolf